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We are Australia’s foremost experts in electric hand dryers – in fact, we’ve been supplying, installing and servicing hand dryers for more than 12 years.  Over the years, we’ve been part of the evolution of this essential but often neglected appliance – and today’s hand dryers are far more than just a “noisy box on the wall”!

Microprocessor control, optimum heat and air velocity, air blade technology. It may be “just a dryer”, but these are the things we get excited about – and our knowledge means you can get the best equipment for your business to minimize Total Cost of Ownership and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

All Our Dryers Are  ‘Green’

Shiny chrome, white, black, red… We can supply dryers in practically any colour you want – but in the environmental sense, they’re all ‘green’.

Studies have shown that, even using electricity generated at conventional power stations, electric hand dryers are better for the environment than paper towels – including 100% recycled paper – because of the energy involved in recycling and transportation.

We can help you select hand dryers to maximize environmental efficiency – and minimize your running costs.

Breakdown Maintenance

A broken hand dryer in your washroom is a really bad look – guaranteed to annoy your customers, and potentially lead to health and safety issues.  So it’s reassuring to know that, no matter who supplied your hand dryer, ASA can repair it promptly and speedily, normally in one service calls.  You won’t be left “high and dry”!

Preventative Maintenance Program

This unique program is ideal when you are managing multiple installations – and you want to minimize downtime and avoid unexpected repair costs.

ASA will conduct standard maintenance on each unit on a planned basis – usually annually – including filter cleaning and the removal of dust and lint. A visual and operational inspection of key components is carried out, and a detailed report is provided. This describes any faults, warranty status and the cost to repair (if any).

Faults not covered by warranty are repaired at a discounted rate – or you can choose to have the hand dryers replaced, again at a discounted price.

Preventative Maintenance is the smart choice for multi-dryer installations.

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