Everyone loves a reviving cuppa during the day – and in the heat of summer, there’s nothing better than a glass of cool, refreshing water.  What’s the best way to meet these needs for your staff – or your family – safely and efficiently?

Easy!   A boiling / chilled water unit from Appliance Services Australia is an endless source of refreshment.  There’s no waiting around, no risk of kettles being knocked over, and chilled water is much more hygienic than adding ice from a freezer.

At work, it’s a valued amenity which shows your staff you care for their wellbeing – as well as contributing to productivity.  At home, it’s a convenience which makes your life easier.

Appliance Services Australia can supply a wide range of Boiling / Chilled Water units, including under-benchtop and wall-mounted models.  We also service all the major brands, with specialist technicians ready to fix any problems in a single service call.

With ASA…you’ll never get into hot water!

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